CFA's New Product: CFA-Shield

CFA-Shield, our new product, makes it easy to apply electromagnetic shielding process. With the use of conductive tape, it also makes it possible to skip the work to take the earthing.

*Specification of CFA-Shield, an electromagnetic shielding material
Product Name Thickness
Heat-proof Temperature
of Adhesive Material
CFA-Shield-9001 Series
CFA-Shield-9001-1 0.1 -
CFA-Shield-9001-2 0.1 120
CFA-Shield-9001-3 0.1 240
CFA-Shield-9001-C 0.1 Electroconductive
adhesive tape
CFA-Shield-5001 Series
CFA-Shield-5001-1 0.1 -
CFA-Shield-5001-2 0.1 120
CFA-Shield-5001-3 0.1 240
CFA-Shield-5001-C 0.1 Electroconductive
adhesive tape
CFA-Shield-90005 Series
CFA-Shield-90005-1 0.05 -
CFA-Shield-90005-2 0.05 120
CFA-Shield-90005-3 0.05 240
CFA-Shield-90005-C 0.05 Electroconductive
adhesive tape
CFA-Shield-50005 Series
CFA-Shield-50005-1 0.05 -
CFA-Shield-50005-2 0.05 120
CFA-Shield-50005-3 0.05 240
CFA-Shield-50005-C 0.05 Electroconductive
adhesive tape

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Electromagnetic Shield Effect Test Result

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